Falconry Courses

Arden Falconry courses are suitable for the enthusiast, would be falconer and those who just want an experience to remember. 

Courses are delivered throughout the year, weather permitting, at Hatton Country World. Starting at 10:30am, we ask that all participants arrive at 10:15am.

Participants are welcome to bring along guests when they take their course. Guests are asked to pay the normal entrance fee into Hatton Country World which gives them access to all the events taking place on the day and they can join the participants for the course.

Gift vouchers can also be purchased for a unique gift for friends and family.​

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Our most popular course.  This is a half day course lasting approximately three hours and gives an opportunity for people to gain hands on experience with Birds of Prey along with getting lots of information about them, their conservation and much, much more.


This morning course starts at 10:30am throughout the year.  As with all our courses it is weather dependent as the majority of the course is spent outside with the Birds.


We begin the experience with an introduction to the different species of birds of prey we house here at the centre while a brief tutorial is given about the birds habits and habitats, conservation and their place in falconry history before heading into the flying field to take a more in depth look at how we go about training a bird of prey.

We go through the initial training (manning) and progress on to flying our birds on a training line (creance) and finish off the session when participants fly their birds free in our display arena.


Cost £75.00 adult - £55.00 children (13-16 years)

To book a Course or to purchase a Voucher, telephone 07885 794305

For a short introduction to birds of prey our 1 ½ hr hands on taster is designed to give the participant a brief encounter with some of our magnificent birds.


Participants will learn about the different birds of prey before heading off into the flying field to learn the techniques used to train a bird of prey to the point of free flying.

Cost £45 adult - £30 children (13-16 years)

To book a Course or purchase a Voucher, call us on 07885 794305


This course is designed and delivered as a logical progression from the Half Day Experience.  The course is specifically designed to take the participant on to some of the more advanced techniques when flying and training Birds of Prey.


Participants learn about feeding a Bird of Prey, weight management and record keeping before entering into the Warwickshire countryside around our Falconry Centre and investigating the problems and pleasures that can occur in the field.


Cost £130.00 adult - £90.00 children (13-16 years)


To book a Course or to purchase a Voucher, telephone 07885 794305




Start Time



Cost per 


Hands On Taster

1 ½ hr

Owls and Hawks


Not Included


£30 Children

£45 Adult

Full Day

6 hrs

Owls and Hawks

10.30am - 4pm

Not Included


£90 Children

£130 Adult

Half Day Course

3 hrs

Owls and Hawks

10.30am - 1.30pm

Not Included


£55 Children 

£75 Adult

 Children are aged 13-16 years