The promoter must provide:

  1. A flying arena (minimum size 20 metres x 20 metres) roped off at a suitable height so as to restrict public access. (Please ensure that there is no overhead cabling or wiring that would restrict or endanger the birds in flight.)

  2. A public address system with 'hands free radio microphone' for the Falconer's commentary.

  3. A roped off area (approximately 9 metres x 9 metres) for static display close to the flying arena. This should be shaded, if possible, for the birds comfort and have vehicle parking space. 

  4. Setting up and clearing takes 10 - 15 minutes approximately. Other activities, e.g. building showjumps, can occur                simultaneously.

  5. A gap of one hour or more between performances is recommended.


Sometimes, at corporate events for example, 'mix n mingle' is more appropriate, and we are happy to work on a more intimate basis with your guests. In this situation a PA system is unnecessary - however:

  1. The promoter to provide a static display area (as per requirement 3 above).

  2. If you would like your guests to enjoy a 'hands on' experience please notify us when booking so that extra gloves and suitable birds can be brought along.

  3. If your company logo, product or service is identified with any particular species of bird of prey, please notify us in advance so that we can bring one with us, if possible.


  1. Arden Falconry carries public liability insurance to £5,000,000 in any individual claim. Increased cover is available at a daily rate.

  2. Should adverse weather conditions, or other circumstances beyond the control of Arden Falconry, prevent displays being presented then the fee shall remain payable provided Arden Falconry attend the event as contracted.

  3. Cancellation of the booking within six weeks of the event will render the promoter liable for payment of the full fee.

  4. The full fee is payable on or before the day of the performance.

  5. Where, for administration reasons, an invoice is required in advance to facilitate this, the promoter should advise of this when completing the contract.